You can lead them to hover and make them click

Tech changes but the basic goal of the CTA has not. Guiding potential customers to take a specific action that’s relevant to their stage of the conversion.  Like the card that falls out of your magazine the CTA is an invitation for a user to take some desired action by speaking directly to the user with an effective persuasive phrase, like,

Discover your best life
Join our community
Book your next adventure.

A good CTA has 3 elements:

  • A No-Obligation Statement That Removes or Reduces Risk.
    From a consumer’s perspective, this makes perfect sense. The less you stand to lose from an action, the more comfortable you’ll be with the idea of taking it.
  • Some updated version of “mail your acceptance card”.
    Be as clear as possible about what you’re offering. Innovative copy is great for spicing up a page and grabbing visitors’ attention. But if it creates any confusion about what that page is offering, it’s counterproductive.  That’s why the most effective CTAs are extremely straightforward.
  • Sense of urgency around responding right away.
Get Started
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Join Free
Shop Now
Add to Bag
New ___ ____
Buy Now
Schedule a call/Book appointment (Visit/Consultation/Assessment)
Book a class
Enter Now
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Join [thetribe]
Send Me Specials Now
Let’s start a new project together’
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To drive consumers to take action, CTAs are essential for making this happen. The fundamentals of writing effective CTA copy have remained consistent, a low rope to entry, have a clear directive and encourage immediate action.