WordPress Support

WordPress Support

Even if it comes in the form of a pet, technology needs care from time to time.

WordPress can work any way you want to. It’s extremely customizable with full access to codes. So many plugins and theme options that you can add any features or functionalities to your website whenever you want. There are practically no limits!

And that’s why I hear more confusion and frustration with WordPress. A paradise for some, a redwood forest | grand canyon for others.
I’ve been there before and I can help you through.

WordPress sherpa at the Grand Canyon WordPress sherpa in the Redwood Forest

Monitor & Maintain

Watchtower and caretaker
Because technology needs human correction from time to time, marketing is timing and preparation is cheaper than cleanup.

Organize & Optimize

Spring-cleaning and speed-up
Check for broken links, update | re-purpose content from old posts, find alternative | recommend new plugins.

Tutor & Tour

See WordPress through my eyes.
A docent tour to see WordPress in a screen-share road trip . Get a backstage pass to answers to your where is and how to questions.