The Right Stuff

The Right Stuff

Posts with images get 94% more total views than posts without.

The right image can boost your credibility and further your message, support calls-to-action and illustrate the context of your content.  All the elements of your website work together including copy, layout, typography, call-to-action, headlines, and imagery.

Use Emotional Images

People make decisions with their emotions, and back things up later with logic.

Don’t Use Bad Stock Photos

People can spot poor stock photos a mile away.

Go Human

Adding a human element will help to build a connection.

Ask yourself:

  • Will this image help my reader understand the content?
  • Will this image further my message or be a distraction?
  • Am I in love with this image, or does it actually add value?

That Support Your Goal

Be strategic with your image choice and placement.

High-Quality and Clear Images

Always use images of the highest possible quality, then optimize the file size for site speed.


Image choice is part art, part science. The art comes down to trusting your choices and not being afraid to experiment. The science is knowing your audience and choosing images in line with their needs.