As an office temp I wore many hats, when I met WordPress I had my hair done.​

Adapting my source code to WordPress’s worldview goes beyond web design

It’s a community embracing contribution and collaboration with the goal to further inspire and motivate. WordPress is the digital foundation for 39.5% of websites. helping us change the world and build our dreams one website at a time.

Yes, WordPress changed my view too.  At first it was routine and part of my job to find a way to cut expenses, but what I found was a way to cut the chaos.

In offices, with all the politics and gray cubicle walls, it felt dismal and confining. I preferred temping. Although shunned socially, temps had more freedom to walk over the politics and get the work done.  My first time in front of a computer was because a regular employee was too anxious to work with one.  While others in the office consoled her, I sat down and got the job done. That day I left a life of paper cuts and reception small talk behind to walk into the tech world.  However the corporate tech door [back then] opened to a windowless, dismal basement office and a familiar problem returned in a new form, plus I found that use for Algebra.  I felt too human and not machine enough to type 110 words per minute or write code from scratch.


Then it happened in my last office while I was working for a couple of cosmopolitan bi-coastal [Florida coast and coasts of the Great Lakes] women managing media. Coordinating the clutter of 3 coded websites was [again] confining and also costly. Converting them cut 75% of expenses, down to one vendor and added revenue streams. So I combined my talents of administration, mixed in my editing and polishing skills on the marketing stages and blended my joy of tech toys that are free, plug and play with built-in SEO.  Discovering WordPress was finding a way that led to a new world and the door home.

WordPress was the solution that became my digital utopia where this human’s work can keep an eye on the details and the dreams.

Balance the human story with digital experiences

Technical Self-Expression

Passion and Purpose

Unique Understanding

Common Sense Simplicity

Scrupulous About Details

Flexible and Patient

In the years I've worked with her, Dana has always delivered outstanding work. I have found my working relationship with Dana to be most effective when I am open to hearing her suggestions, being clear on what I want and maintaining a clear and open dialogue. She always has a cheerful disposition and plenty of great ideas. Her discretion has been as asset and I wholehearted recommend working with her.


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