" Technology is the campfire around which we tell our stories."

– Laurie Anderson

spark the conversation

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Present a clear brand image.  One of the greatest benefits of digital marketing is that it allows you to target your ideal customers with authenticity. Through personalization and optimal timing of messages with automation you can guide your customer through their online journey.

Go with them

The integration with mobile technology offers opportunities to combine the mobile experience with the physical experience by someone simply taking a selfie in your store.  People are tired of traditional advertising and learning about their choices. Digital Marketing levels the playing field for small businesses to compete with a much smaller advertising budgets.  Campaigns are easier to track and more adaptable to scale.

Content is still king, but it has more moving parts.

What to do after you click publish


Content Distribution strategy
  • Broadcast to email list
  • Never-ending social media campaign
  • Reach out to influencers to spread the word [buzzsumo.com Influencers tab and search for the topic of your blog post]
  • LinkedIn Pulse and Medium
  • Be guest expert and answer questions on Quora or Reddit
  • Comments and acknowledgements
  • Directories and email signature


Patience is the key
  • Optimize your site for mobile, speed and SEO
  • Publish quality content and frequently
  • Guest posting
  • Speak at live events, panels and conferences
  • Re-purpose posts…
    • spin-offs
    • showcase masterpieces
    • new format, video, podcast or infographic
    • throwback sequence
    • turn post into a facebook ad

Combine Print and Digital Marketing

QR codes

A QR code could be the bridge to your audience. By including a code in your print marketing that can be scanned by customers, it can guide traffic to online spaces. Customers going to your website, an online form, an email, a social media page or even a video or image, simply by scanning a code on your poster, flyer or print resource.

Landing pages and sub-domains

Digitize brochures and when including a website link on printed materials, generate a specific online location that allows you to track which audiences are reaching your online property through your print campaign.

Call to action

Use a CTA that triggers a niche action on social media and guide traffic to a channel tod encourage a specific kind of interactivity. Make sure it’s specific, clear, and they’ll benefit from getting involved.


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