Management of Customer Interactions and Experiences


Has technology exceeded our humanity?

Our devices, our methods of consuming information and the way we make decisions are constantly changing, and they’re only going to continue to evolve as technologies advance.
The only thing that is consistent is the individual behind the screen.

To improve customer engagement, we need to embrace technology and data to speak the language in the context the conversation is taking place.

Customer-centric attention marketing is a two-way conversation that we want to feel heard and like that we helped create the value we received.

A conversation that pays to pay attention to the details.

Technology is teaching us to be human again.   – Simon Mainwaring

Sidekick Tasks

Executive Assistance

Top-shelf administrative support

Marketing Collateral

Collect all your creative assets


Online brainstorm session for introverts

WordPress Support

Monitor & Maintain

Watchtower and caretaker

Organize & Optimize

Spring-cleaning and speed-up

Tour & Tutor

See WordPress through my eyes


Email Marketing

Newsletter broadcasts with Mailchimp


Yoast plugin, Google tools and white hats

Social Media

Connections, feeds and icons


Routinely, at minimum, I use : anti-spam, backup, contact form, Simple History activity tracking, Yoast SEO, security, and traffic stats.

I personally have eyes on websites regularly.  While I use an automated monitoring service, most times it’s a problem that does not trigger automated services.

Quarterly : test contact forms and landing pages, SSL certification and speed audit.

Yearly : theme review and spring cleaning audit.

Balanced perspective of technology and humanity, with focus on the details.  Plus I’m a walking who shops at and loves to dance and laugh.

I’m in Chicago in the US on central standard time.

My normal availability is 9-5 on weekdays and the rest by request. My response time is customized for the situation, request and the space between me and my phone.

Payments are through PayPal and invoices are all due on receipt.

Fees can be on an hourly or retainer basis. Project quotes on request.

  • $30 per hour or
  • monthly retainer of 15 hours for $300 for 3 months minimum
"Dana did not only get the job done, but took it and ran with it. She did not need managing or hand-holding and has the skills to do the job quickly and efficiently. This is the kind of person I want on my team."
"Her skills are diverse and she's eager to learn about things she isn't familiar with. The best thing about Dana is that she jumps on every task I ask of her - getting it done quickly and efficiently. If I'm in a pinch, I always know that Dana will be there to help me out."


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