Rise and shine on the virtual workspace

To defy the laws of the physical world and can see around corners.

Has it fundamentally changed the way we work?

No doubt the internet and the immediacy of email and texting represent major changes for business yet there are people getting stuck in struggling wih the file-size limitations in their corporate email accounts.  Digitization of the modern office seems to only given us incremental gains in comparison to how much it has changed our personal lives.

Is the rise in productivity promised by new technology to come once we virtualize the workplace?  Moving the brainstorming, idealization and design phases of work into a virtual space, along with the collaboration and approval phases. From functional work to conceptual work, from the end product to the beginning of the process. Focus on balancing the technology with human connection to counter the lack of human contact and increased sensitivity to interpreting communications. Behind every screen is a hand with a heart.

When you are true to yourself and passionate about your life, you choose to see choice rather than challenge.