Google My Business Without Walls

Google My Business Without Walls

Now you can share and promote information about your business locally via Google Maps and Search without an office.  For service area businesses that don’t operate out of a specific location Google now lets them specify the locations they service.

There’s a new set-up process that will send you to set up a physical store location or the new service area which can be configured by postal codes or cities.

Settings can be adjusted at a later time if needed, so businesses are not locked into the service area they choose during the initial setup and if you’re an existing GMB user you can edit your business information from the dashboard. The “service area” and “storefront address” areas can now be edited separately.  Note, if an address isn’t applicable to your business, you can easily clear it.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business complements your existing website by giving your business a public identity and presence with a listing on Google.  The information you provide about your business can appear in Google Search, Google Maps, and on Google+

What can You do with Google My Business? 

Claim your business on Google : Include information about your company,  address, phone number, business hours, and types of payments accepted.

After your GMB listing is verified, you can add more details and content.

Details : Add or Edit Service Area Business Details

  • Include a 750-character description of your business | organization.
  • Keeping business operating hours accurate is easy with Google  pre-holiday reminders.
  • Video
  • Photos .jpg or .png
    • Logo image: Google recommends businesses use their logo to help customers identify your business with a square-sized image.
    • Cover photo: Cover photos should really showcase a brand page’s personality. 720px tall by 720px wide

Q&A : Google’s Q&A features allows customers to ask a question directly within the business listing. These questions can range from specific queries about what you have to offer to nonsensical one-word comments or obvious questions about your store hours. These questions can be up-voted, which will play into how high each one will rank within your Q&A section.

Book an Appointment :  Guide visitors to a landing page or area to book an appointment. Note, this feature is not HIPAA compliant.

Manage & Respond to Customer Reviews : Take control of the conversation.

Posting through Google My Business : Mini ads for events, products, and services published directly to Google Search and Maps displayed along with your local listing search result.  Upload an image, ad copy and a link for the Call-To-Action button.  Posts last for 7 days and Google will send you an email reminding you of expiring posts and if you haven’t posted in a while.

As a bonus feature, GMB has Insights Data for tracking and analysis, and sends email notifications of reports and activity.

Where else can you promote for free?
…where everyone goes to look…

…it’s like going to neighbors’ homes and getting free candy!

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