Free, plug and play with built-in SEO

Freedom from tyranny and algebra!

Computers are a great ride, but coding left me behind and challenged even my tolerance for tedium [and I once had a temp job where I alphabetized all the driving suspensions and revocations for a state all day, every day for 6 months].  WordPress got me back in the car with software that I could read the map.

and yes, I’ve been on SquareSpace and dabbled with Drupal (or was it Joomla) but I always went back to finding a solution with WordPress.

Simply put, WordPress is my choice because it’s free stuff that’s plug and play with built in SEO

AND with it build any kind of website :

  •  eCommerce
  • Blog / Author /Freelancer
  • Service/Appointment Booking
  • Photography gallery
  • Directory
  • Classified Ads Listing
  • Membership
  • Question Answer Forum
  • Knowledgebase/Wiki

With a large and effective community, WordPress evolves daily.  10 years ago I hoped it would still be supported and more than thrilled at the global phenomenon it is today.