Feed your organic marketing strategy the most relevant keywords for your website

Feed your organic marketing strategy the most relevant keywords for your website

Catch the long-tail keyword

Long-tail keywords are how people search online.  They are unpopular | low volume and highly‐focused search queries that have significantly more search volume than the two‐word phrase, and tend to convert well .  Three or more words filter searches to target niche demographics.

As blog fuel, it gives context to your content and connects with customers, especially for voice search for local services.  Preparing for vocal queries that contain conversational words optimizes your research on how your audience speaks about your business, products and services.

How to find the long-tail keyword :

3 Google ways

  1. take a broad topic and begin typing it into Google to see Google autocomplete suggestions.
  2. Google Suggest
  3. Google Trends

Ahrefs’ Site Explorer

  • with just a seed keyword choose a report from the left‐hand menu, then use the volume filter to find keywords.
  • discover great long‐tail keywords in your niche/industry by browsing the keywords for which your competitors are currently ranking.
    • enter a competitor’s domain into ahrefs’ site explorer, go to the organic keywords report, then filter for keywords with low search volumes.

WordStream’s free keyword research tool and Keyword Niche Finder

SEMRush has a magic tool

Ubersuggest 3.0

  • enter a domain and get traffic stats
  • see what pages are the most popular for any domain
  • what keywords drive traffic to those pages

The best place to look is in your own data.  Your own analytics will tell you many, if not all, of the keyword phrases that lead visitors to your website.

The data is out there, grab it by the tail!