Driving on the Road to Success

is easier with someone to read the map.

An executive assistant with the right skills and traits can reduce the amount of tasks, meetings and communications that often clog your schedule. With organization, communication, strategic planning and more, sidekick support could help you navigate the journey.

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Sidekick support is about being there and getting stuff done.

Entrepreneur Support

Top-shelf administrative support

Brainstorm Soundboard

Online brainstorm session for introverts

Coordinate & Organize

Collect all your creative assets

Email Marketing

Newsletter broadcasts with Mailchimp

Social Media

Connections, feeds and icons


Monitor and maintain


Experience Matters

"Dana has always delivered outstanding work. She always has a cheerful disposition and plenty of great ideas. Her discretion has been as asset and I wholehearted recommend working with her."
Jon Poindexter
Solutions for Optimal Health
"Dana did not only get the job done, but took it and ran with it. She did not need managing or hand-holding and has the skills to do the job quickly and efficiently. This is the kind of person I want on my team."
Jane Morrison
Morrison CLC

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