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Wonderful World of WordPress

  • terminology… vs
  • user profile and access levels
  • general settings and the customizer
  • themes, plugins and widgets
  • pages and posts
  • Gutenberg editor vs Classic and Page builders
  • SEO Audit report and analysis with setting up the Yoast plugin to Google Webmaster Console and connecting Google Analytics


“a plugin can be a widget, but a widget cannot be a plugin”

Join me for a guided tour of the Wonderful World of WordPress.

Ten years ago, I met WordPress while looking for more than SquareSpace offered.  As soon as I got my own place to host it, WordPress has been with me and my morning coffee every day since then.  Join me for a backstage tour.

What brought me here is more of a decade’s worth of administrative and marketing temp jobs.  Adapting to a nomadic style was a blend of my helping out in my father’s office and a theatrical high school/college phase where I thrived more as crew behind the scenes.

There are many free resources, not to mention pure Googleing, to learn WordPress.  WP Beginner has articles, videos and guides. Also has all the talks from all the WordCamps. However, as they all say, I would not be here if it wasn’t for the phenomenal support and coaching of others.  Its not only my pleasure to share my enthusiasm but kinda part of that privilege to pass knowledge on to empower, inspire and continue being part of a sharing community.


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An invoice or payment request will be emailed after a date and time is scheduled, to be paid in full before the session.  Then details of the meeting will be sent. Zoom is used for video, audio and screen share.


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