The Show

Non profit projects are working on a dream made reality.   DEFIBRILLATOR performance art gallery was created from the vision and energy of many.  It housed opportunities for artists to come from around the world to showcase their talents and be a part of a created community. Beginning with a SPARK 12.17.10 dfb gallery over 7 years presented hundreds of projects, performances, installations, student exhibitions and workshops and began the first RAPID PULSE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART FESTIVAL.

DFBRL8R received its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status in May of 2012, less than 1 month after we filed the 1023 form and paperwork. In preparation we attended a thorough workshop at the lawyers for creative arts.

The dfbrl8r website is a WordPress minimal theme by ALAN COLE, child theme customization by digitaldana.  It features a front exhibit space, a manual slideshow timeline, and bottom tier of postered/icon event block rollovers. my favorite feature is the masonry layout of the event posters of the archives page.

The electrodes/electrode were the front display windows at DEFIBRILLATOR. These installation spaces housed remnants, artifacts and residue from performances that occurred in the main gallery or in the windows themselves.

The Non Profit Challenge

Milwaukee Yoga Movement

As Executive coordinator for the MILWAUKEE YOGA MOVEMENT, a 501c3 nonprofit yoga-in-school program, I managed the virtual office, the scheduling of assignments and the WordPress website from 2010 – 2011. MYM was a successful and popular program with students and teachers, but unfortunately was cut short by the surge in gas prices and lack of funding. I also created graphics, logo and  tagline, “move your world in one breath.” 2007-2010 was a nonprofit online showcase and store for jazz artists. I converted the original, complex site to a WordPress version in 2009 that improved manageability, added more functionality and additional revenue streams, and cut expenses by 75%.   It was the beginning of my longest relationship when I first met WordPress in 2008.

The Social Hours

Social Media is a 24hr cocktail party that goes on with or without you.

  • twitter: I am eating a donut
  • facebook: I like donuts
  • yelp: this is where I eat donuts
  • instagram: here is a vintage photo of my donut
  • youtube/vimeo: here I am eating a donut
  • linkedin: my skills include donut eating
  • pinterest: here is a donut recipe
  • soundcloud: now listening to “donuts”
  • g+: I am a google employee who eats donuts

Find your audience, go where they are and mingle. Listen. The goal is to engage, and build recognition.  Also know and monitor what others are saying about you.

Learn and get to know your audience, what keeps them up at night and how do you impact their lives?

Discover what kind of content resonates for your audience, then give it to them.

Respect your audience, take notice of the way they talk, the language, the imagery and location, location, location.

Do they prefer to read? Are they drawn to video? Do they love to pin gorgeous images? Do they listen to audio podcasts while driving? Are they fans of bullet points and infographics or are they looking for higher level white papers and case studies?

Communication and consistency builds a relationship of rapport.

A popular blogger Nicole Black 50-30-10-10 rule is:

  • 50 percent of your posts should provide followers with links to articles, blog posts and other online content you think might be of interest; this includes “re-tweets,” or “sharing” of relevant content.
  • 30 percent of your posts and comments should consist of replies to other users’ posts, links, status updates or tweets —in other words, engage in conversations with others at least 30 percent of the time. don’t make it a habit to focus only on yourself.
  • 10 percent of your posts can consist of self-promotion, professional activities and accomplishments.
  • 10 percent of posts or tweets that are devoted to your personal interests and hobbies.

Use promotional text for profile, brand with logo and tagline, professional image, mission statement, biographies and contact information. Use copy that provides continuity of message and tone.

Research the best hosts for your social platforms, where is your audience, your colleges, where is your competition?

The sole purpose of having a presence on a social networking site is to draw attention, followers can come in the form of referral sources, professional and community contacts — and clients.

An important part is maintenance, tend or nurturing your content.  Post updates, respond to queries and new uploads.

Nothing will replace live human contact in effectiveness, you navigate that world and market yourself appropriately.

Be sociable, it’s a party on and offline.

To be a Virtual Assistant

To defy the laws of the physical world and can see around corners.

Two factors determine how well people work together.  One’s willingness to delegate pieces of their workload and the other’s willingness to stretch beyond their comfort zone to assume new responsibilities.

Anticipation and resourcefulness are inseparable as top desired traits for an exceptional assistant, because anticipating might not always translate into doing. The assistant must know when and how to take appropriate action. Timing and judgment are the foundation of a good working relationship.

and Integrity.

As troubleshooters, translators, help desk attendants, diplomats, human databases, consultants and ambassadors to the inside and outside world, the secret is having the instinct to be fully invested in doing the right thing at all times.

When you are true to yourself and passionate about your life, you choose to see choice rather than challenge.

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