I’m a practical, responsible, commonsensical, logical, sound, balanced, grounded, thoughtful, wise, down-to-earth sidekick.

I’m like:

  • Chewbacca, Making The Boss Look Good
  • Radar, anticipation of needs
  • Jarvis-Friday, scrupulous about details


  • the persistence of Samwise Gamgee
  • Hit-Girl resourcefulness
  • Dr. Watson’s common sense


and scrupulous about details:

  • flexible and patient
  • diligent follow up
  • excellent discretion






  • 6 years WordPress support and project coordination
  • 7 years gallery / artist WordPress and Mailchimp marketing promotion
  • 10 years office management and entrepreneur support


Job experience

  • virtual office & web administrator for defibrillator performance art gallery 2010-2017
  • administrative & web coordinator for milwaukee yoga movement 2010-2011
  • interactive coordinator for ejazzonline and ellingtons 2007-2009
  • office manager for media marketing communications 2004-2007
  • administrative project specialist for office staffing 1997-2003


enough about me, from now on its all about you