Getting your <strong>business</strong> ready for <strong>company</strong>

Getting your business ready for company

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WordPress support, Entrepreneur assistance and Marketing services


Creative solutions resonate with inspiration and fuels the imagination with work that speaks to your soul with authenticity.   Strategy Design Technology optimizes the right tools to achieve your goals. Them I mix it all together...

Sidekick Social

Driving on the Road to Success is easier with someone to read the map. An executive assistant with the right skills and traits can reduce the amount of tasks, meetings and communications that often clog...

Marketing Metadata

Theatrical and Practical Digital Marketing Integrating online, social and mobile marketing to create a more personalized digital experience. Content Marketing Interesting and solution-oriented content on the human side of marketing. SEO Measuring metrics and always...

About me

As a temp I wore many hats, when I met WordPress I had my hair done.​

Adapting my source code to WordPress’s worldview goes beyond web design.

It’s a community embracing contribution and collaboration with the goal to further inspire and motivate. WordPress is the digital foundation for 30% of websites. helping us change the world and build our dreams one website at a time… continue the story

Work in Progress
Same concept, similar themes with a focus on mobile view, imagery and...
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Finding the One
Sometimes it's as simple as finding the right theme, with the right...
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The blog before the website
Before a website conversion is completed, kickstart the SEO with a blog...
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From Wix to WordPress
Conversion from a Wix website. Content imported and free theme found in...
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Thumbnails in proportion
An artist's showcase, was updated in 2018. Short installation, setup and...
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Solutions Reboot
Three versions later in working on this update, it was the imagery...
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The 7 year SEO challenge
Non profit projects are working on a dream made reality.   DEFIBRILLATOR performance...
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How to check your pulse
The seasonal Rapid Pulse Festival websites for 7 years [2012-2017] promoted the...
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