Getting your <strong>business</strong> ready for <strong>company</strong>

Getting your business ready for company

Helping others succeed
is my greatest success

From office assistance and project management in startups and nonprofits​,
I'm not the one in the spotlight.
I'm a muse who has a great story of how we got there.

Stages of Production

From post to publish I can help you build your website, format & edit content, integrate connections to your audience,  optimize site speed and add SEO. what I do is… Build & support websites on...
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Call me a Curator

Content is King. I hunt and gather data by discovering, filtering and presenting digital content that surrounds a specific topic. Framing information  or adding a new element to make it more interesting or shareable, like...
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About me

As a temp I wore many hats, when I met WordPress I had my hair done.​

Adapting my source code to WordPress’s worldview goes beyond web design.

It’s a community embracing contribution and collaboration with the goal to further inspire and motivate. WordPress is the digital foundation for 30% of websites. helping us change the world and build our dreams one website at a time… continue the story

The blog before the website

Before a website conversion is completed, kickstart the SEO with a blog...
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From Wix to WordPress

Conversion from a Wix website. Content imported and free theme found in...
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Thumbnails in proportion

An artist's showcase, was updated in 2018. Short installation, setup and...
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Solutions Reboot

Three versions later in working on this update, it was the imagery...
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The 7 year SEO challenge

Non profit projects are working on a dream made reality.   DEFIBRILLATOR performance...
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How to check your pulse

The seasonal Rapid Pulse Festival websites for 7 years [2012-2017] promoted the...
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